It’s a common misconception that women have to wear high heels and should always be dressed to kill. There are women who are simply going after comfort than aesthetics. These are the low maintenance girls that a lot of men love to hang out with. One of the reasons why men love low maintenance girls is the fact that it won’t burn their bank account to the ground. Next, it is less intimidating to talk to them. And also, it is easier to spot their natural beauty without the makeup.

If you are somewhat that type of girl, this doesn’t mean that you also don’t have to dress well. There are many ways on how you can still look good but still look simple in the process. Here are some fashion tips that can come in handy in your situation.

Three types of hairstyle

Women love to style their hair. But for someone who is considered a low key and low maintenance girl, this is not an option.

One of the things that low maintenance girls should remember is that their hair can change the way they look significantly. It is important that they know exactly when to strut their hair down or to have it in a bun. You may want to have it in a bun if you wish to show your face more and if it is a bit hot. You can also pull your hair down when going to a formal occasion. Nothing says classy than having your hair down.


There’s nothing wrong when you invest on t-shirts. But what you have to know is that you just have to keep it to a minimum. Select t-shirts that have different colors that you can match with your jeans and other pants. You also want to stick to plain shirts that don’t have prints. Instead, you should be looking at the fit. Do you like the fit of the shirt? Also, when buying a t-shirt, make sure that you consider when are you going to use it. Is it a workout shirt? Or maybe, it is a casual everyday shirt that you will be wearing?


A lot of girls who don’t like to dress up so much invest on sundresses. It is a tricky choice because from afar, it looks like it’s a bit of an effort to select which clothes to wear. In fact, it takes zero effort to wear sundresses. Not only will you look good, you will also feel comfortable wearing it. And of course, you can also mix and match different types of shoes depending on what activity you are planning to do.


If you are going to invest on an accessory, it is a good idea that you invest on sunglasses. Sunglasses will always make you look cool and mysterious, not to mention it is a practical investment for someone who is going out on summer.

Always take care of your skin

Low maintenance girls usually do not wear any type of makeup. This means that they can go out and just be comfortable without the mascara and some lipstick. But in order to really glow, it is a good idea that you are going to take care of your skin. That means that you shouldn’t be smoking and you should also be eating healthy in order to let the skin do the talking.

Yoga pants

Who says that you can’t look hot in yoga pants when you are a low maintenance girl? Everyone thinks that yoga pants LuLaRoe Leggings are for the sassy type girls. In reality, it isn’t. Stretchy yoga pants are known to provide comfort when working out which can be a practical option when you are going to the gym. In addition to this, it is now becoming an alternative to your typical jeans.

A low maintenance girl shouldn’t look ugly. There are many kinds of options that they can go for if they only know what their options are. You can be investing on selected clothing, and not buy make up, yet still look good in the process.