Fashion trends, as they say, is something cyclical. Fashion is influenced by celebrities and by designers who dress your favorite celebrities. These days, you’d see a number of 80s fashion coming back after years of being considered uncool by fashion designers. If you plan to invest on clothes, it is always a good idea that you stick to the classic pieces that will remain forever a good choice. In fact, there are many fashion trends that remained trendy today. Here are some of them.

Chuck Taylor shoes

Over the years, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers have become synonymous to a sporty look. However, over the years, basketball shoes have evolved to become more ergonomic. Gone are the days when you see pros wear canvas shoes into the court. To provide more mobility and to make sure that the people have fewer tendencies to get injured, shoes have changed to what they are now. However, Chuck Taylor shoes remained a classic fashion trend that is used for casual wear.


Jeans have remained a classic in fashion for several decades now. Though the cut of the jeans have changed, only slight modifications were made. There is nothing drastic about the jeans that people wear in the 90s to what people wear today. It is even trendy to wear tattered jeans.

What made the Jeans such an iconic fashion trend? It first started as a working man’s attire. By the time the 60s and 70s hit, it became a norm and was adapted by several fashion brands. Until today, people continuously wear jeans on different occasions.


Yes, t-shirts have remained popular over the years. It has changed the type of prints that you see in it, but the thing is that this piece of fabric is still popular until today. It can be used in different scenarios and can even be a fashion statement. Over the years, people have forgotten the fact that decades ago, people don’t usually wear t-shirts. Men wear buttoned shirts, while women wear dresses.

If you will look at today’s fashion industry, you will see a lot of comfortable things that have stayed for quite some time. Does this mean that we won’t be seeing these few samples go away anytime soon? Maybe, they won’t be going away anytime soon, but it also doesn’t mean that these things will stay forever. Keep in mind that the only thing constant in the fashion world is change.


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