Gold VS Silver Jewelry: Which Makes A Better Gift?

//Gold VS Silver Jewelry: Which Makes A Better Gift?

Gold VS Silver Jewelry: Which Makes A Better Gift?

When that special occasion arises or the holidays are just around the corner, jewelry is the perfect gift. But, whether it’s gold or sterling silver can be a tough choice to make. Both precious metals have their advantages and setbacks, some of which we’ll outline below to help you make a wise decision!

Silver Is Cheaper

Cost is often the easiest way to determine whether or not a piece of jewelry makes the perfect gift. We would all like to have an endless budget, but the fact of the matter is that sterling silver is always going to be cheaper than gold. As gold is fairly hard to mine and isn’t in abundance, you’ll discover that it also demands a higher price tag.

Gold Is The Better Investment

If you want your jewelry to be stylish as well as valuable in time, gold makes for a much better investment. It’s a known fact that the price of gold is always on the rise, so when you invest in gold, you can rest assured that the value of your jewelry pieces are always going to go up. In fact, this is why many people invest in gold bullion because it retains its value and actually nets you great profit when you look to sell in the future.

Silver Is More Stylish

If you’re looking for fashion pieces that you can wear on a regular basis, sterling silver jewelry is a much better investment. Simply put, you can find large and chunky pieces of silver that are significantly more affordable than gold, and you don’t have to be afraid to tarnish it or harm it in any way while wearing it. Additionally, many merchants that regularly stock sterling silver jewelry pieces from well-known designers will keep up with current trends and help you find the pieces that can complement your existing wardrobe.

Silver And Gold Are Long-Lasting

When it comes to longevity, you can rest assured that both silver and gold are long-lasting metals if you take care of them. Though sterling silver is prone to tarnishing, it can easily be polished with the correct jewelry polishing cloth. Oftentimes, gold is seen as more malleable and easier to scratch, but if you take care you can rest assured that your gold jewelry pieces will last a lifetime.

Whether you choose solid gold or silver jewelry, you can rest assured that they are both going to be pieces that you can treasure for a lifetime and use to complement your wardrobe. Oftentimes, the easiest way to determine whether or not a piece is right for you or a loved one is to simply consider the price. Establish your budget early on, and you can narrow down your options at – Jewelry Store Ohio 

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