Who doesn’t love a good pair of leggings? In the women’s world of fashion, some of the most undying trends are that of leggings and shoes.

As women, we love all clothing, obsessing over the latest ones and filling our closets with more items than we can possibly wear. It’s why shoes and leggings continue to sell very well in every season. Like most classic clothing items, they remain stylish, with few variations in the fashion world.

A Brief History
The fashion industry said hello to leggings in the 80s, and suddenly from being an athletic staple only they became a new trend over a short period of time.

Runways in the early 2000s reintroduced the leggings and shoes fashion and although fashion lovers groaned collectively at first, as everyday women, we all jumped up it. The simplicity of these new bottoms that could do with practically anything and work in the day and at night was a huge deal.

Legging trends today have metamorphosed into more relaxed pants with wider shapes like culottes and palazzos, but leggings still have a presence that is undying on all runways and most importantly, in the streets and in our hearts and closets. The modern wardrobe has embraced many materials of leggings including leather, refined suede and embellished versions. And the shopping flair from women looking for leggings and shoes from basic online clothing stores to those needing the more upscale offerings from French designers like Isabel Marant remains intact.

legging styles

Legging Styles
Bottom wear for women continues to evolve, but leggings are still preferred in many styles by both girls and grown, working women. Printed leggings are much more common with the younger ladies and teenagers, and can be of different fabrics so they are worn in the winter but also in warmer climates and summer.

The appeal for the younger generation is having all that color and print on the bottom, yet being able to pair it with any color or type top wear, whether plain or similarly with patterns. Tights are popular with Eastern and Western Culture these days, but you will find ladies in the East pairing it with longer frocks and shirts and opting for more conservative, plainer leggings styles.

New lifestyle brands like LuLaRoe have been taking leggings to a new level for years with viral marketing and in person sales techniques.

Older women as well as young women seeking to appear less casual in leggings tend to skip the ornate ones that have been beautified with over-the-top patterns for their use. Solid, plain leggings are just as stylish and on trend and these days can be found in any color. Women love to wear these throughout the year as they help keep warm in winter, in addition to staying fashionable.

Pairing Leggings and Shoes
Wearing the right pair of shoes can help you dress leggings for any occasion. To accentuate heights and appear to have longer legs, some women pair leggings of a neutral color with shoes of the same color.

For the ultimate comfort, leggings are best paired with flats (ballet), sneakers and high and low-heeled sandals. But while that might be sufficient in the summer, in winter women tend to opt for boots of all lengths and heel heights. Knee-high boots with a nice pair of leggings is always one great combination!

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