The Right Steps To Exfoliate Your Skin

//The Right Steps To Exfoliate Your Skin

The Right Steps To Exfoliate Your Skin

When it comes to proper exfoliation, it is essential to know what it is and its use while taking into account your skin type. Exfoliation technique is the removal of dead skin cells to expose the fresher layer of skin. The process also helps to rid the body of other repugnant elements that make it look dull and dry, and it also helps to open up pores. The aim of exfoliating is to make your skin feel and look smoother and radiant than before.

While most people will not give an extra thought as to how to exfoliate, getting the steps right is vital for the expected results. Below are the key steps you should take when exfoliating that is the standard regiment for all skin types.

Basic Steps to Exfoliating for all Skin Types:

• Start by brushing your skin or body when you step into the shower; do this without running any water on your body. Avoid exfoliating if you have open wounds or sunburns because it will only exasperate the injuries. Start with your face as you work your way down to the soles of your feet.

• Turn on the water once you are done brushing and have it run all over your body to wash down any loose skin. Ensure you are bathing using warm water so that it soothes the skin and helps to open up the pores. You will use a pumice stone to work on the soles of your feet working on the rough areas until they feel smooth. You may need to soak your feet for a few minutes if the skin is hard, which you should be aware of and have done 30 minutes before stepping into the shower.

Tips to Use Exfoliant on Your Body

• The next phase will see you use a suitable exfoliant on your body working it on your skin using a soft bathing cloth as you rub it on in circular motions. Avoid using too much pressure when scrubbing it on your body especially when working on the soft and sensitive areas. Start with your face, downwards; you can put some bit of pressure when you get to your legs and feet.

• Once you are done with the exfoliant, run the warm water and wash it off so that you can repeat the same process using a body cleaner or bathing gel. Rinse off once you are done and then set the shower to run cold water and let it run down your entire body as you stand under the showerhead. The cold water will trigger the excessively open pores to contract thus protecting them from getting clogged with grime and dirt.

• You can then step out of the shower and apply a moisturizer to help your skin stay moist shielding it from dryness.

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