What Are The Different Types Of Exfoliating Treatments?

//What Are The Different Types Of Exfoliating Treatments?

What Are The Different Types Of Exfoliating Treatments?

If you want the real fountain of youth, you needn’t look any further than simply putting in the effort to take care of your skin. Some people might need a little bit more help than others, and that’s okay! While our genetics play a large part in exactly how our skin reacts to time and other external factors, there’s luckily a firm understanding of exactly what most skin needs in order to be fully rejuvenated again and again. In many cases, you’ll find that exfoliation alone can do quite a lot of the heavy lifting on your behalf!

Types Of Exfoliating Treatments

That does bring up a couple of questions however. For starters, what are the different types of exfoliating treatments in the first place? It’s important to know your options and what they might be able to do for you. With that in mind, here’s a basic guide that will help you figure out the best method for your skin’s current needs:

1 – Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation is a very popular method that revolves around the use of salicylic acids, enzymes, retinoic acid, hydroxy acids, and so on. In general, you merely need to look out for key ingredients along those lines in chemical based exfoliation products. You should be on the look out for lactic acid, glycoic acid, bromelain, and papain as well. It might seem like a lot of gibberish, but spotting those on the ingredients labels of the products you consider purchasing is always a strong indicator of quality.

Even so, you may want to read up on a particular brand online before you buy. Watch video reviews if they’re available, and read customer reports from online retailers. If all else fails, you might also want to secure the recommendation of your dermatologist.

2 – Mechanical Exfoliation

Alternatively, you might want to focus on mechanical exfoliation. Much like the option above, it sounds scarier than it is! All this method requires is the use of simple tools like brushes and sponges to loosen any traces of dead skin that have collected along your body. You have to take great care in avoiding skin irritation however. Be as gentle as possible!

3 – Additional Natural Options

You might also benefit from looking into natural alternatives. This is especially useful if you have good exfoliating gloves is simply too sensitive for chemical treatments. Products like rice bran and coconut oil have proven incredibly effective and freeing up the pores. When used in tandem with a gentle brand of soap, moisturizer, and a soft loofah, that might be all you need.

That just about covers the basics of what you can expect once you get started with exfoliation. The primary objective will always be to keep your skin free from clogged pores. You can expedite any progress you make by only using lotions and moisturizers early in the day and rinsing them off at night. It’s important to merely let your skin breath sometimes! For more specific guidelines that cater to your exact needs, be sure to consult with your dermatologist first.

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