If at all possible, your business will do better with organic SEO searches instead of paid or PPC ads. However, once you do some research and see what works for businesses like your own, you may find the pay per click advertising is better. On the other hand, you would do well to use both in order to get the best results.

For many businesses, the best searches to get come from organic SEO means. These are more cost-effective than PPC. However, with the changes Google has made to organic results based on the changes made to the paid ads above them especially with regard to mobile displays, they are not as easy to get as they were before.

Top Rankings

In fact, getting first-page ranking through internet marketing services may not even be the way to go. There is some research that shows that the number one result on a page gets only about half, if that, of all clicks. This number goes down significantly for the second and third listings. Essentially, you should expect a click-through rate of about three percent.

That is a pretty good indication of why SEO is so affordable. Yet, you also have to test your own organic searches depending on your product, service or the market you are targeting. These factors will affect the results you get with natural clicks. This is where you need to determine for yourself if this is the traffic you want. If not, you need to consider pay per click advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

Remember that you would be paying monthly just to get your SEO firm to get your business the top rankings. Even if your business gets to third place, is it really that cost-effective to pay for SEO services every month? Are you getting a good ROI?

Pay Per Click Advertising

If not, you need to think about backing it up with pay per click advertising. With this type of advertising you should get more clicks especially if your website is towards the bottom of the page. Once the advertising takes hold you can pay to get top rankings or get your website to page one. Now, you are paying for a ranking that will get you up towards the organic rankings.

Consider using Google AdWords as your PPC service. It only makes sense because you are attempting to rank on Google perhaps moreso than other services. Just be sure to do your research so that you have a decent keyword quality. With a good keyword quality score, you can reduce the costs per click and still get a decent ranking.

While you want to get natural, organic click throughs, do not discount the control that you get when you invest in PPC. When you pay for clicks, you can direct visitors to the part of your website where you want the most results whether that is buying something or entering an e-mail address for lead generation.

Arguments can go on forever about which is best for a business. However, it is clear that both will work for your business better than just one.