Our cells are programmed to die. This naturally occurring process is known as apoptosis, and it can’t be stopped or delayed. Our skin makes no exception to this rule. The surface of the skin is covered in dead cells that get washed way when we take a shower or a nice hot bath. Exfoliation brings this process one step further, enabling the rejuvenation of the skin by removing all debris that may clog the pores. Buffing away dead skin cells is something that can help you look and feel better. Using Exfoliating Mitts For A More Beautiful Skin, it can help your skin to maintain its health and its youthful look for a very long time.

Benefits of Removing Dead Cells

The main benefit of removing dead cells from skin is the rejuvenation of this layer that influences the way our peers perceive us. A beautiful and soft skin is highly desirable, as it can help you obtain more benefits in your professional and social life. There is research that suggests beautiful people are more prone to getting better jobs and higher salaries than their less fortunate co-workers.

The other benefit of regular skin exfoliation is health. Dead cells, dust articles and other accumulations of dirt and debris can transform our skin into the paradise of various germs and bacteria. Moreover, hair follicles may get obstructed, increasing the risk of folliculitis and of other inflammations and irritations that may affect the health of the skin.

How Exfoliation Can Help Your Circulatory System

When you use an exfoliating glove or a loofah or italy towel , you massage your body, helping your lymph and your blood to circulate better. This is how exfoliation can help your circulatory system maintain its health. This practice isn’t mean to replace you medication, should you suffer from cardio-vascular troubles. As a matter of fact, if you have problems with you blood vessels, you should discuss with your doctor your intention of removing dead cells from your skin through exfoliation procedures.

Buffing away dead skin cells

However, if you are in good health, a vigorous exfoliation once a week can help you look your best. Your skin will be smoother, healthier and happier, less prone to wrinkling ahead of time. You won’t be able to reverse the aging process, but you’d surely enjoy a fresh and glamorous look for much longer. For best results, you should perform these exfoliations after a long shower or a steam bath. Once you’re done, apply a generous layer of moisturizing cream, and allow yourself to relax and enjoy life to the full.