The things that your mom used to wear when she was young may no longer be hip today. A lot of your dad’s clothes when he was your age may look funny if he wears it today. This is the reality of what fashion is. Fashion is constantly changing every year. And if you will look at the way people dress ten years ago, you’d be surprised how much things have changed. For instance, people used to wear baggy clothing even for men. Today, you see the resurgence of better fitted clothes.

Why is it that fashion change every now and then? Here are some reasons why it does make a number of changes.

Culture and politics

Over the years, culture has changed. If you will look at the 60s and 70s, you’d see that they are more of the rebellious type individuals become a trend. Why is it that the youth during those times were characterized to be more rebellious? Given what was happening in the world of politics, it was not only trendy to standup for your rights, but also a must given the possibility of being enlisted to war.


Another great influence of fashion is music. There are music icons that have reshaped the way people wear their clothes. For instance, if you’d seen Kurt Cobain in the 90s, he and the rest of the other bands that started the grunge movement made it cool to be rebellious again. They wore tattered jeans and shirts to make a statement that you can embrace individuality.

The same goes for what we currently have. Miley Cyrus, Drake, and other artists have enjoyed becoming fashion icons themselves by having hits found in the pop charts.


Designers are also finding ways on how to change fashion every now and then. It is constantly changing because the fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry of its own. By sticking to old clothes that you have in your closet, this means a decreased number of sales on their part.

This is part of the reason why clothing brands are getting different designers to provide them with different types of clothes per season. Each of these collections has different looks compared to last year. And the reason behind this is to make people feel that they should be buying new clothes in order to stay in style.

Price of commodity

Let’s not forget the economy behind fashion. There are many reasons why certain materials are also becoming dominant in fashion. There are times when designers are influenced by the type of material that they can use. Designers will also need to conform to the standards set by the brands. If the price of silk for instance increased over the last months, then it is safe to assume that there will be less silk clothes in the collection of some brands.


Media can affect how fashion is going to change. A lot of the things that young people wear depend on what they see on the media. These days, TV is no longer the most powerful media wherein fashion brands can rely on. There’s the internet for these things. You have Instagram for instance that showcase clothes worn by famous celebrities and cultural icon of their time.


Geography and climate plays a major role on the type of fashion that is dominant in a certain country. The type of fashion that you see will also depend on the number of seasons that a country has. If you are going to go to a tropical island for instance, you won’t expect winter clothes to become popular in those areas.

The fashion industry is constantly changing. What you wear today may no longer be trendy in the next few months. And this isn’t something that is surprising. You can expect constant changes to appear every now and then because of these reasons that we’ve mentioned.

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